The United States of America is made up of so many versatile destinations and places that one might feel tired even before the trip is done. The different sites that are located in the US are unique and authentic to their culture. So, if you have been planning a trip to the States, then here are some best places in jdl 688 that you can visit.



Remember the movie ‘2012’? Well, the place where they discover everything was shot at Yellowstone national park. It is proudly known as America’s first-ever national park that has plenty of attractions for nature lovers. Hot springs, steaming geysers, hiking trails are some of its main attractions that seem to be a tourist hotspot.

Grand Canyon


A trip to the US is not complete unless and until you pay a visit to the Grand Canyon. The place offers some of the best views in the entire world, as the national park stretches for over 277 miles. This national park was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, as the place is being visited by a minimum of 6 million visitors per year.

Glacier National Park


As the name suggests, Glaciers are the central theme of this national park, as it features more than 700 lakes, multiple waterfalls and nearly two mountain ranges. People generally come here for its view and to satisfy their hiking purposes. But in the winter, the place looks different, as the park boasts activities such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

New York City


The City of dreams has so many things for you, and your trip will turn into a rollercoaster ride with a visit to New York City. Be it museums, broadway shows or even pizza; the City does have it all to make your day. The hugely popular Central and Time’s Square are few other noteworthy mentions that are sure to delight you.

Washington DC


The capital of the United States has a lot of history to teach you if you promise to be a good student. You can start your day by visiting the White House, Washington Monument and also spend some quality time at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History by noon. The City’s urban neighbourhoods and art galleries are also places that grab your attention

Las Vegas


One of the epic ways to put an end to an amazing day is to attend a party like never before, and the best place to do that is to visit Las Vegas. Sin City has so much to offer including Casinos, spas and a lot more. With constant activities that occur time and again, you can be sure to scale through the night with fun and excitement.